10 Best Career Options In India


After passing out from school, a student has many options to choose for higher education in India. You can choose a career oriented course or an academic course. The avenues of selection are Arts, Science, engineering, medicine and surgery, various computer courses, fashion designing, web designing, defense, marine, journalism, tourism, and so on. But before choosing a career you should contemplate seriously on the faculty of interest, your aptitude, educational qualifications, and ability to cope with the subject and above all the financial commitments that is necessary during the course.
So, before applying for your favourite college, have a look at the list of 10 such courses you can choose after high school:
1. High Management Cadre:
The apex management with decision taking responsibilities command phenomenal remunerations. The entry level in corporate though demands lots of struggle and hard work for sustenance. But once you are at the higher management level your salaries are what you wish. If you are holding a management degree from a renowned institute, even the sky cannot be your limit. With the present trend of hiring young CEOs and managements on board, doors to endless & wide opportunities has opened up.
2. Medical Professionals:
Both regular as well as emergency medical services are always in demand, driving in huge amount of respectable money. Doctors having private practice and are well recognized and renowned (specially specialized ones like Surgeons, etc.) command high consultation fees. And to talk about the non-tangible asset in terms of dignity and respect their profession earns them, is unmatchable. The other professionals like dentists, dietitians, etc.; with good practice are as well quite much in the race. Similarly the medical service institutions like Apollo, Dr. Lal Path Lab’s, etc. drive lots of money and job opportunities.

3. IT Professionals:
IT industry and their solutions are always in high demand round the globe and it thus fetches exorbitant salaries to its employees. The industry though has seen a downturn in the past years, but the computer and software dependency of the industries had brought it up. The salaries paid are touching the sky by the day and people thus in this sector in any department get a pay far more than in other sector and jobs here are recession proof.
4. Charted Accountants (CAs) & Corporate Financial Advisors (CFAs):
Updating and maintenance of books of accounts is a prerequisite for every company, for which they are willing to pay what the professionals demand. Companies are dependent on CAs and CFAs to keep their books handy for the audit time; and for annual financial planning as well. Thus a wizard at accounts and numbers has phenomenal job options at his hand, or you can do private practice as well demanding fees as per your expertise.
5. Legal Professionals:
A well established lawyer as well advocates on account of the nature and significance of their service and track records, command the fess of their desire. While the ones who move ahead in the hierarchy and enter the Govt. appointments are further in the top bracket. Income of public prosecutors and judges are quite rich including the additional benefits that they get.
6. Education:
Education is a basic amenity for all and so its demand is evergreen and payments top notch. Demand for learned teachers and coach right from schools to colleges to management and technical institutes add to the possibilities and earning capacity of the talented professionals.
7. Sportsmen:
The sports field is yet another sector that offers lots of money shower along with glamour flavor. The wide spread scope of this industry offers lots of opportunities to people to work in here. The major plus point here is that there is higher demand outweighing the supply. Moreover once you get the spotlight with good performance, the endorsements and recognisition get you big boons. Moreover events like IPL has opened up many more doors here like sports jockey, Sports/team management, etc.
8. Journalism:
Journalism is concerned with collection and dissemination of news through the print media as well as the electronic media. This involves various areas of works like reporting, writing, editing, photographing, broadcasting or cable casting news items.
Career in journalism is a prestigious profession as well as a highly paid one. Journalists play a major role in the development of nation. It is through them that we get information about daily happenings in the society. The purpose of journalism itself is to inform and interpret, educate and enlighten the people.
The opportunities for journalists are endless and at the same time the job has become more challenging, as the new world is proving the adage that “the pen (and the camera) is mightier than the sword.” Simple reporting of events is no more sufficient, more specialisation and professionalism in reporting is required. Journalists specialize in diverse areas, such as politics, finance and economics, investigation, culture and sports for newspapers and periodicals.

9. Dance and Music:
Graduate and post graduate course in dance and music are available at reputed institutes all over the country. As all other careers this is a career which is known as the language of soul. It is delightful way to express oneself. And there are many artists who are highly paid in this profession. Some of top institutes are: Rabindra Bharti University, Kolkata & Banaras Hindu University.

10. Fashion Designing:
There are several fashion design institutes in the country that is much in demand today. Everyone wants to keep up with the fashion trend. The fashion designs are not confined to dress and dress materials but to jewelry, shoes, handbags, watches and anything you can think that is necessary for a man or woman to look elegant.