‘Carry (it) Yaar…!’



Being a science student doesn’t mean that one has to wear spectacles and being in humanities doesn’t require to write poems on torn pages of life. Life is indeed a wonderful spectacle where one needs to base themselves on given definitions. Aritrik Dutta Chowdhury, M.Phil Scholar, Department of English, University of Calcutta, says how marks can be important as well as un-important to take one to the ultimate goal.

Well, when your parents were “nagging” and pleading to you so that you work harder as higher secondary education is no child’s play, you must have been busier flaunting your class 10 marksheet or jilting loves. And now it’s no use wasting another year ruminating on the days you have wasted, for kind as the world is; it offers you with a vista of options. Even if are awarded with a kind pass certificate in Science stream with a non-qualifying marks in mathematics, you have vents to prove your worth. For in the 21st century where streams of education congregate more freely than horizons, you really do not have much to worry about being the next door nincompoop.

Being a science student doesn’t mean you have to wear a round pair of spectacles like Professor Calculus that resembles more like the back of a health drink bottle, or being in Humanities no more mean you need to sit with torn pages of poems through the railway tracks for want of jobs. Apart from the obvious medical, engineering and other options with pure science, there are options like agricultural engineering, microbiology, molecular biology, bio-informatics, genetic engineering, biotechnology etc. For weaker students whose families want you to be pseudo-science scholars to wear you like robes; please seek your future in nutrition, interior designing, dietician courses, nursing etc. Every ramifying branch has immense potentials to offer.

Humanities is no more stuck up in the adage of history, philosophy and political science. It offers you combinations like Eco-Geo or Geography with mathematics which are deemed equivalent to science degrees. History has opened up into branches like international Relations while subjects like Psychology, Child psychology, Home Science are getting immensely popular for their comparatively less strenuous course and a wide bunch of career options.

English is the buzz of the day now!! With all enticing and alluring options like mass communications, tele-anchoring, Journalism, editing, Publishing, research work, literary analysts, entrepreneurs, management jobs; English evolved to be one of the most luminary subjects now!

So here you are, with a bouquet of options flourishing all around you. The present students seem to work harder in choosing the correct stream for themselves and focussing with determination than passing the exams. And still if you are pondering on what you want to do in life, wait happily for all your friends to get admitted and ask the colleges where they can enrol you, get admitted and you’ll see yourself a graduate in a few years to come.

Spoiler alert ahead! Your destiny is decided as long as your degrees and certificates are concerned, but with jobs the situation is totally different. With the overflow of generosity all pervasive in the school level education system, there is no dearth of marks in your spoons and that causes a huge level of stiff competition in the job prospects. So, shut your eyes and ask yourself what you want to do. Its only your strive that can take you somewhere, not mere marks!