Women’s Team to play in FIFA 16 EA Sports


FIFA is certainly hitting the headline for some news or the other. Whether it is corruption in the real world or celebration of women power in it’s game. FIFA 16 EA Sports game will be making history as international women’s team would be included in it for the first time. AS of now the teams were only restricted to men, but in 2016, opening up a new horizon, FIFA EA Sports will unleash the women footballers since 1993, the time when it was released. England captain SteEA-sportsph Houghton and her team-mates have been included with 11 other women sides for play in several modes, reported an international daily. Delighted with the news, Houghton said that she was very happy to be the first player to be included, adding that this was something they always looked upon.

The Manchester City defender also felt that such step will give impetus to women in the field of sports and will also help to pull a strong crowd to the field. The women’s team that have been included in the game are England, Brazil, Canada, China, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, Spain and United States of America.

David Rutter, vice-president and general manager of EA sports said that it was a massive event for EA Sports to some of the best women players and teams in the world to their franchise.