‘She flows like champagne in the veins’

Pic: Mitul Das


spandanHow different is the night life? How transparent is the moon light? Or perhaps how lovely is the City Of Joy! If darkness is the colour that Kolkata chooses, the city dwellers should be aware of the different shades of that urban darkness. Spandan Banerjee sets out to find light in the dark lanes of thelighted City.


She is the ‘nocturnal beauty’ of the midnight roses! She is as dark as the half smudged kohl of the newly wed bride. She resides within the hearts of every person who wishes to stay afloat in the stream-of-adrenalin. Yes! She is the City Of Joy! She is that Job Charnok’s interpretation of ‘lakdi?kal kata’ that gets transformed into Calcutta with Time and finally gets the cognizance that makes her wake up as the sun sets with the renewed sentiment of being the mystic ‘Kolkata’ of the Age.

The busy hours of the Metropolis witness a complete new picture after the clock strikes eleven at night. It hears the sound of the fast moving dear cars, it sees the colour of the glossy lips, it smells the foreign perfumes, it speaks in the language of hellish joy and finally feels the pulse of the generation that becomes active when the other half of the city goes to sleep. Seeing Kolkata under the neon bulbs, one might very well feel it is a deserted place which knows nothing about the humdrums of daily life. It is a sage in contemplation of a retiring transit.

From the discotheques to the posy nightclubs, from the psychedelic pubs to the retiring lounges and perhaps from the dance floor’s claustrophobia to the lonliness of a night shift’s security guard, City captures the different moods and the different reasons for which the dwellers stay awake.  From trade to necessity, one would be able to see the different lights under which the City shines. The waving of mere handkerchiefs at the happening zings to the waves of youthful ecstasy, Kolkata plays the perfect host to all the emotions and the overflow of young impulse. One might well say, staying awake is the new nocturnal trend of the Metropolis.

Pic: Mitul Das

But the scene is somewhat different in the high rises’ basement and the kiosks. A security guard might very well say that nights are lonely whereas someone inside a luxury car at 3 am in the morning might want to go back to the dance floor to shake it once again with the beat of the night. The policemen at the different kiosks might plead to their nerves, “We are the protectors of the City, hence, how can we connect our eyelids?” It is a different picture at different corners. An IT professional might say that nights bring in business to the MNC whereas the same ‘Business’ may find a different definition on the cozy beds of  star studded hotels in the City Of Joy.

If Life is uncertain according to philosophy, nightlife is certainly mysterious. There are Ups and Downs. There are high tides flowing in the heart of the Generation. Once a culmination of Shutanuti, Gobindapur and Kolkata, the Cultural Capital of the Nation is a now a site of nocturnal significance. Kolkata stays awake and active all around the clock. In the generation that is marked by Speed and Pace, City follows the mantra of ‘Work Hard and Party Harder’. And that is perhaps the reason why darkness sets in to bring up a twilight in the hearts of the generation that in turn takes the shape of a hope for if not a better sunrise, but definitely a bright tomorrow.