Crossing the Constructs


ritushreeDoes friendship mean the mere following of some pre-destined norms or it the way of exploring new ways of Life? Whatever it is, True friendship doesn’t know the conduct of restricted expression. It is a feeling to explore and a sentiment to be re-constructed with renewed zeal and fervor. Ritushree Sengupta throws light on the different gender aspects in friendship!

They say to deny love is to deny life. True it is, but unfortunately we give away innumerous chances of living an inch more, a mark higher than usual only because of our tireless inclination towards prefixed social norms.  We do not spare a second look at the multi-coloured balloons that life offers us, perhaps much different in colours, but indeed balloons in every sense. Since childhood, girls are usually given barbies to pet and boys are loaded with guns and gloves to boast about their inborn ‘maleness’. In this entire course of “pseudo-humans in making” what we all however fail to locate is that amidst the mad race of general gendering, we are hopelessly ignoring the individual choices very much prevalent in the children. The sharp dichotomy between biological and social identity rests in a dangerously covert manner and quite effectively corrodes the individual spontaneous growth and development. LGBT1

Friendship knocks the door of our life pretty early, perhaps even before we learn to write our alphabets. But gradually as we master our necessary skills, we become more and more complex, neck deep into structures of society and surroundings, we struggle not to fight against the mediocre values, but merely to ‘fit-in’. This urge to compromise and be a part of something whose existence can be challenged in every nook and corner forces most of us to cease to believe in the very existence of true humanity. Every mortal has a right to live his life harking on his own faith and spirit, and no man can be chained for that. However, civilized as we are today, we do not chain people with iron but with irony.

You don’t see spring outside, for it only stays over for a few weeks, if you want to see real spring, gaze inside….deep inside…

The person different from us, the usual “other-ified” creature is blatantly ostracized by the majority of us. But do we not by such acts totally negate our confident claims to humanity? Are we not by classifying people on the basis of their sexual preferences proving stupidly our own shallowness?

Human life shall be taken as a blessing, even if all of Vatican commits suicide over homosexuality.  So, why not instead of lamenting over half dead yet long loved social structures, be merry over the idea of making new friends or accepting the old one ( for god’s sake lets grow up now) we have always cornered like an old coffee mug withering away in a corner! Why not consider asking our own dirty hearts, what harm would it cause if the person (of any sex) is in love with one of its own kind? LgBT2

Someone once told me, “You don’t see spring outside, for it only stays over for a few weeks, if you want to see real spring, gaze inside….deep inside…”  Let us all pledge to give birth to the spring that is dying within us to burst into hues. The apparently different person also probably is craving for his or her own spring. Let us no more deny them their own share of happiness, our own pieces of accomplishment and a chance to acknowledge a deep mutual satisfaction. So, on the eve of the much awaited Friendship Day, let us not be ugly frogs waving flags of hostility from uglier wells! Let us be birds of liberty and for once boldly say yes to difference, and dare to take pride in holding high a lonely balloon of different colour.