City of ‘foodie’s’ Joy


The City Has Become A Myriad Mart of Street Food And Delicacies Fared At A Cheap Price

Long gone are the days of waiting for your favourite ‘Biriyani ka Handa’ or ‘Steak kebabs’ at restaurants and Take-away. With the upcoming demands of public, who have self-acclaimed to be ‘foodies’ the city has unraveled itself to be a mart of exclusive delicacies as well as the daily fare at cheaper prices. So no worries, eat (maybe a little unhealthy to the figure conscious strain!) “As You Like It” goes the modern saying.

             Apart from Delhi’s variants of Chat and Mumbai’s Vada Pav, the City of Joy has adopted into its food-culture, the Carnatic flavours too. Now, we Calcuttan’s have an easy access to the fragrance of curry leaves in Rasam served with coconut rice or Dosa-Idli-Uttapam with Sambar daal, coconut and green chutney. Sounds yum,right! The city streets that used to be the hawker’s reign once, are now replete with stalls dedicated to food lovers.


             The most crowded ‘Shekele Office-paras’ of Dalhousie, B.B.D.Bag, Elgin Crossing(near Nizam Palace)and the upcoming Sector-V areas are probably the biggest food hubs of “quality street food”. The city being a cosmopolitan, is the home of several cultures and races. This is being reflected in the food that is being served. Now you simply don’t have to look onto your Google Navigation for momo kiosks. You’ll definitely get some good bites at the Elgin crossing with hordes of stalls guarded by brightly hued umbrellas catering to your needs.

Steamed? PanFried? Chicken momo?Veggie delight momo?”you will get it all right here. And the good news is, even after you are done, you’ll be left with your travel fares for upcoming two days! It is so easily procurable.


It has so become that now we find several ‘cuisines’, even we talk about street food! For example there’s a kiosk at Elgin road which caters to Thai rice, Schezwan fried rice, Chinese thalis, Hamburgers with a tint of Schezwan sauce to Egg rolls and even Momo! Quite contemplative, uh?


             Around the area of Central metro station if you are lucky enough you can come across vendors giving shrieks, selling Biriyani, Haleem and other Parsi delicacies available in chicken, mutton, beef and even pork.

Apart from the plethora of platter available at inexpensive rate, like chicken drumsticks to chicken lollipops as starters and the variants of thalis offered as main course, we now move onto desserts and savouries.  The junk of street food also provides “dil-khush”, “kesar malai kulfi”, “Phirni” in carts (specialty of north Calcutta and College Street areas) or cotton candies for children found outside most school-gates bring with them the essence of nostalgia. Gone are the days of the concept of on-street ice-cream parlours only to be replaced by mobile carts. Around College Street arena the “am-porar sherbet”, “nimbu pani”,”jalzeera sherbet” and the “masala soda” are quite in vogue when it comes especially to the scorching summer heat .But above all, the “phuchhka-holic” Bengali’s paradise is probably the Deshapriya Park and College Square area phuchhka stalls catering to varying tastes of foodies addicted to street food.

-Suchismita Roy The Bhawanipur Education Society College, Kolkata