Managing Human Beings is tough and challenging: Atreya

Atreya Paul
Atreya Paul

It is a common belief that one has to end up being in the big media houses of the country if he/she pursues the course of Mass Communication in the College or University level. Well, the reality doesn’t always coincide with our dreams. To mark this statement, in this special issue of Independence Day, Campus  brings to you all a person who might have done internships in Media at a junior level and then have stepped into the boots of a successful, independent, freelance Public Relation Officer (PRO) in his professional career. Yes, we are talking about the youngest public relation officer of Kolkata, Atreya Paul who hails in being a freelancer and is managing celebrities in the City along with his sincere and hardworking team.

Starting his career in the ‘Show-Biz’ field, Atreya has created quite a buzz in the profession with his sincerity, hardwork and most importantly (as he says) passion towards PR. After managing the public relation of major films like ‘Ajana Batash’, ‘Jana Ajana’, ‘Kadambari’ and ‘Manihara’ and also being the PR Manager of Vignesh Films, Atreya, now, manages certain restaurants, jewellery outlets and many leading Designers of the City.

hridSpandan Banerjee caught up with Atreya Paul to decode the insights of being a good PR Manager and how one should go about the profession in order to make a name for oneself.

Here are some excerpts of the interview:

Campus: Hi, Atreya! Thanks for taking out time and speaking to us. How are you doing?

Atreya: Hello! Yes, I’m doing well…(smiles)

Campus: Well, Being a successful Public Relations Officer, what tips would you like to give to any aspirant of the profession?

Atreya: As tips, I would just want to say that it is not a subject where you have to be damn technical. One just has to have a good communication skill to get his ideas conveyed at a smooth pace. One needs to be humble and stay grounded. Managing celebrities do not mean that you are one. An amiable nature and patience is required. Oh! And most importantly you have to have the passion and love as well as honesty for your work.

Campus: That’s perfectly put, by the way, do managing celebrities and human beings isn’t a tough job?

Atreya: Oh Yes! It’s really-really tough and challenging. I would like to mention Md Parvez’s name here as he manages Prosenjit Chatterjee. It is about getting your client the best exposure in the media and to the public. I have managed celebs like Konkona Sen Sharma, Paoli Dam and Ustad Amjad Ali Khan previously. Hence, I have some experience of taking care of the people who are in the limelight. But I would say that even though I call it tough, “If you love your job, you are bound to excel in it.”

pencilCampus: Talking of limelight, don’t PR Managers feel to get similar attention like Stars and Celebs whom they manage?

Atreya: (Spontaneous) Yes! I would always want to come to the forefront. But with my good work and proper management. We have certain identities in our profession. So, good work will help us to get the spotlight as what we actually are. As I manage people and celebs and events, I too get managed by my team. We work as a unit and my friends (team) help me to carry out my commitments successfully at the end of the day.

Campus: That is a true sign of a team-man! Atreya, where do you see yourself after 5 years down the lane?

Atreya: (Questions back) What will be day after tomorrow’s headline or lead news, Spandan?

Campus: The main and the most important news that will break out tomorrow, in all probabilities? I don’t know…

Atreya: Smiles…. Yes! Exactly. I believe in the present and I intend to work hard this day and every day for a better and successful future. I would like to concentrate in the present and thank certain persons without whose help it would not have been possible for me to excel in the field. I am thankful to my mother, Manash Basak who groomed me from an early age, Esha Saikh (Corporate PR Manager of HHI) and a couple of journalists in the profession.

handshakeCampus: Great! Would you like to give any message to the aspiring PROs?

Atreya: I would just want you all to be very careful of those people who might use youngsters in this field to attain their personal goals. They end up working without payment at the end of it all. Clients always look out for honest managers. So, honesty and sincerity is utmost important in the field.

Campus: Thanks Atreya for talking to us. Wish you all the very best in life. Cheers.

Atreya: It was my pleasure talking to you, Spandan. Cheers. Take Care.