Music: From Therapy to a Vision

Surendranath Majumdar, Director of AMEC and YMF during the inauguration of YUVA Music Festival's Grand Concert celebrating World Music Day
Surendranath Majumdar
Surendranath Majumdar

Music too is a language of communication through sound and silence. Music is the first language a baby responds too. Music wakes us up in the morning, makes us want to dance, soothes us when we are feeling sad, and gets on some folks nerves in the elevator. From infancy to adulthood music is an important part of our lives. Mothers sing lullabies to babies, toddlers and children play “ring around the rosy,” and teenagers become absorbed in songs they believe help better define them during their rocky transition into adulthood. Music can summon a wide range of emotions, most of which are wonderful. Music plays a very important part to portray a culture.

For me music connects directly to almighty. It’s divine and spiritual. When I play Piano, I can easily feel connecting to something which is beyond the normal life. It gives me lot of inner strength, makes me happy and content. I can share from my personal experience, in time of utmost mental crisis, music helped me to overcome it and along with meditation, I become stronger. I can share from my student’s experience. His acute depression got cured by playing more and more music. This is the power of Music. There are certain things which can be realized but not seen. The effect of pitched vibrations has that magical power which can transform a beast to a saint, cure an ailing patient, and bring back a person from the verge of suicide.

Music has to be recognized as an agent of social development, in the highest sense, because it transmits the highest of the values – solidarity, harmony, and mutual compassion. It has the ability to unite an entire community and to express sublime feelings.  My vision for music is guided by this quote of Swami Vivekananda. Music  is the most powerful tool or weapon of mass construction. Music is positive energy. Again from my experience, I share, Music can return a drug addict to normal life. Music can stabilize person under trauma. Music also heals stress and fatigue. I am indeed lucky that I could realize the power of music at a very tender age and my life has been based sharing the benefits of music apart from just being an object for entertainment.

For students and parents I wish to share that playing a musical instruments increases memory power, creativity, logic,  concentration. Music has immense influence in building the character of a child. It is very important for a child to listen to quality music on a regular basis. Trust me, the benefit will be lifelong. Also when we suffer from loneliness, Music is our only companion. Either we sing, play an instrument or listen. Encourage children to learn music. This is the best possible gift one parent can present to their child.

I’ll finish by the visionary quote by legendary Guitarist Jimi Hendrix which I firmly believe. “Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.”