Radhika’s simplicity gets seductive in ‘Ahalya’


Radhika Apte in Sujoy Ghosh’s epic thriller is far more than ‘enchanting’. Living up to her title of the film, Radhika Apte plays the mythological figure who is undoubtedly magical on the screen. Sujoy Ghosh strikes the chord of harmony and celebrates ‘Ahalya’ as a piece of good cinema and a brilliant narrative. Sujoy’s touch of feminism in the film is also a juncture to be explored by the cine lovers. ahalya

Sujoy Ghosh displays Ahalya as a modern lady in the perfect sepia tone. She is married the much older sage Gautama (Soumitra Chatterjee), who has the power to turn people into stone using his magic wand ‘Ahalya’. Indra in the movie is played by Tota Roychowdhury who is played upon by Gautama.The jury is out on whether the mythological Ahalya was complicit or an unwittingly accomplice but in Sujoy’s retelling at least, the punishment is visited on Indra, rather than the woman.radhika-apte-7591Ahalya-Radhika-Apte-GossipTicket

Sujoy Ghosh’s 14 minute epic thriller undoubtedly marks the powerful performances of the actors of the generation old and new. The modern interpretation is also fascinating, Apart from Radhika’s accent, she has all the charm to make a young artist fall prey in her myth and feel dead at the altar of her intoxicating beauty wrapped in seduction.

Ahalya refers to the mythical character from the Ramayana who was considered the most beautiful woman in the world and was cursed by her husband after God Indra seduced her. She was finally liberated by Rama.

A review by Spandan Banerjee