Theme Restaurants are new in Fashion


The City of Joy is known for catering to the taste buds of all the city dwellers from 9 to 90. Keeping up the tradition of good and tasty food with fine delicacies, the restaurant owners are now concentrating on putting up an ambience in the eating places so that the footfall might increase for better sales.Theme restaurants are now in fashion, with some preferring to create a rain forest, some a sports stadium and still some others recreating a slice of a distant city.

machan1The jungle-themed Machaan has the trumpeting elephant, deer, crane and woodpecker in the sprawling eatery, with a spiral staircase leading to an elevated platform made of bamboo poles and wooden planks under a leafy canopy. “Right in the heart of city, we wish to provide the ambience of a forest and Machaan has become a sure hit with children and elders alike because of the interiors and the initiative of chef-entrepreneur Anjan Chatterjee with inputs from a well-known art director from Bollywood,” said General Manager Debashisi Ghosh. “Integral with the jungle theme, we are serving rustic delicacies – HimachTawa Murgh, Turush-e-Paneer, Bhoot Jhalokia, Chicken Tangdi with Naga Chilli,” Chef Sandeep Pande said.

At another corner of the city, the logos of Harley-Davidson and Royal Enfield bikes are embossed on the tables while World War II-era helmets double up as lights at a cafe which sports a raw metallic feel to enhance the biker’s overall experience.

Reflecting the city’s varied tastes in art and cuisine, history and heritage, the Mughal-era themed Oudh 1590 has come up as a period dining restaurant. oudh

“With oil paintings of royals adorning the ornate wall, Oudh will take you to the era of landed aristocracy of Lucknow and bring back memories of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah – the gourmet king with the decor and Awadhi cuisine, cooked in the Dum Pukht style,” Shiladitya Chaudhury and Debaditya Chaudhury, Partners Of Oudh 1590, said.From Kakori Kebab and Galouti Kebab to Murgh Irani, Mahi Kaliya, Awadhi Handi Biriyani, Raan Biriyani and Jheenga Biriyani, the delicacies are made up of spices like zafran, cinnamon and cardamom, dried fruits and herbs used by ‘bawarchis’ of Lucknow and Murshidabad and the recipes handed through generations, the owners said. Filmmaker-turned entrepreneur Sanjoy Nag has co-partnered a restaurant themed on the food street of old Dhaka in southern parts of the city.

puran dhakaNamed Puran Dhaka, the restaurant has sought to introduce typical Bangladeshi dishes Dhakai Vegetable Polao, Ilish Ullash, Chittagong Chicken, Mutton Kala Bhuna, and Aam doi to polish it off, the chef, having worked in a specialty restaurant in Dhaka, said. From the interiors with motifs of boat symbolizing the riverine country, brightly decorated cycle-rickshaws and posters of Bangladeshi films and jatras pasted on the wall to the hand-crafted ‘gamochhas’ of Bangladesh as cushion cove Puran Dhaka brings a slice of Dhaka in the heart of Santoshpur locality of the city.

In south Kolkata, Mirch Masala also lays one of the most finest ambience of the road side dhaba concepts. Sitting on the Khatias and tasting the lasi served in steel glasses create the feeling of a long journey being static at one particular place. Mirch Masala mainly caters to the  Indian cuisine but also has an outlet for the chinese food lovers.mirch masala

So do not waste your time, go and get a taste of feel of the places and obviously dip your taste buds in the foods these places offer.

Not just food, restaurateurs in the city are now focusing on creating the right mix of ambience and decor to go with the spread.